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Brittany Spaniels

Pair of Britanny Spaniels1.- Their long legs have the same length as their body.

2.- The ones with black noses cannot compete in dog shows.

3.- It's a very gentle, happy breed, great as a companion pet.

4.- They really need a pack leader. Their owner needs to be firm, but calm and confident.

5.- They are good for kids when they are raised with them from puppyhood .

6.- They don't do very well in apartments. They are very active.

7.- They are very healthy dogs, although some are prone to hip dysplasia.

Britanny Spaniel Profile8.- They have so much energy, they could be destructive if left alone.

9.- They like calm environments. They can get very stressed around loud voices and noise.

10.- They are very trainable and require lots of mental stimulation.

Important to know

They are prone to pee when they are exited or nervous.

They need to be very well socialized from puppyhood for them not to become fearful and shy.

If you are not willing to go running, hiking, swimming and have a very active lifestyle, this breed is not for you.

And no… despite their name, they have nothing to do with Great Britain. They come from the French province of Brittany.

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