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1.- Dachshunds are commonly known as "wiener dogs" because of their long and low bodies, but the name actually means "badger dog" in German.


Gracie May-long-haired, double-dapple


2.- They were bred to hunt badgers and rabbits. Their short legs allow them to get into burrows and dig after their pray. So it's their instinct to dig and burrow, so don't be surprised to find him buried under your blankets.

3.- As with other short dogs, the Dachshund needs to exercise to avoid gaining weight, which will cause serious back problems. They do have a tendency to be lazy and eating too much.

4.- They come in many different sizes: standard and miniature. Varying coat lengths: short haired, long haired and wired haired. Colors: there are solid colors, 2 or 3 colors, brindles, dapples, double and triple dapples and piebalds. You have a lot to choose from!

5.- You'll love the Dachshund personality! They are curious, clever affectionate, brave, and very, very amusing! They are very playful and will chase anything small, including little kids. Want to drive them crazy? Get a laser light.

6.-You need to train them and let them know who's the leader of the pack, otherwise they will tell take over your home and can start having behavior problems like biting, obsessive barking and over-protectiveness of toys, food and people.

7.- Dachshunds have all the traits of a small dog, including that they are not very suitable for young children unless they are gentle

and respectful. They should not (easy to say) be treated like babies, because, again, they will become the boss.

short haired dachshund

Short haired Dachshund

8.- They are very active dogs with tons of stamina, so you need to walk them every single day, and have frequent sessions of outdoor play. Don't encourage them to jump, because Dachshunds can really hurt their back.

9.-They can be incredibly mischievous at times. You have to keep them on a leash at all times, because if they catch an interesting smell, they will take off running after whatever it is.

10.-They really bond to one person in the family, although they are happy in a family environment. But the "chosen one" will never go to the bathroom alone ever again.

Important to know

Gracie May

Gracie May

They are very independent and quite stubborn, therefore hard to train, but it is doable

They love being with other Dachshunds.

They love belly rubs.

They just love to bark!!!


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Photos courtesy of: asillymuse,  Amy Klein and Gracie May