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Hi, friends...

I have done my best to put together the best information I could find on the different subjects. Some things I have learned from experience, but others, I've had to do some research. If you find any information or data that is incorrect, I would really like you to point it out so I can correct it immediately. I want to keep this site helpful and accurate.

I have also used pictures that as far as I know I am free to use, however, sometimes even with the best of intentions I will publish one without the right permission or that the owner simply doesn't want published. If this were to happen, please know that it was done without malice. I beg you to contact me as soon as you see an unauthorized photo, so I can take it down right away or give the appropriate credit.

If you want to volunteer pictures of your own animals to illustrate the site, you are welcome to write to me and I will use it in an appropriate article with a link to your site, if you have one.

Thank you for visiting Your Pets Universe and for helping me keep it beautiful and interesting.


Photo credits:

West Zest
hoangnam nguyen


Nataly N