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Irish Wolfhound

1.- They are huge. They are considered the tallest dogs, although once in a while a Great Dane will grow taller.

2.- They are very muscular and can reach the size of a small pony.

3.- They are hunting dogs, and two of their characteristics are speed and endurance.

4.- They are quiet and peaceful and make a very good family pet.

5.-  They don't have a soft coat. It's wiry and rough.

6.- They can adapt to city living as long as they are exercised enough.

7.- They were feared in ancient Rome, where they would only be transported in cages.

8.- They are the oldest known breed of dogs.

9.- In the 19th Century, they were so costly that only royalty could own them.

10.- They will protect their family, but they don't make very good guard dogs.

Important to know:

TA Rotweiller puppy looks very tiny next to a Wolfhoundhey should not be given supplements, a good food will suffice. This helps to slow down their rapid growth.

They should not be exercised strenuously until they are 18 months old to avoid irreparable damage to their limbs.

They don't live very long lives. Between 5 and 10 years. They are genetically predisposed to many ailments.

And yes... they were bred to hunt wolves.

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