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Border Collies

June 20, 2010 by  
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1.- It's frequently referred to as the most intelligent dog breed.
2.- They are used to assist with the herding of livestock but they are also great companion animals and are been trained to assist the handicapped and as blind guide dogs..
3.-They can be trained like no other, they thrive on praise.
4.-They need tons, and tons of exercise. If they are not challenged daily, they will become very destructive.
5.-They get along with other dogs and children, but you cannot trust them too much with other small pets, although a lot of them live happily with cats.
6.- This is a breed that needs to be very well socialized.
7.-They need constant company. You cannot leave this dog alone at home all day.
8.-They excel at Frisbee-catching and agility competitions,, which is something you should definitely consider enrolling them in if you adopt a Border Collie.
9.- They cannot live in an apartment. They need space to run and move, or they will become very unhappy and problematic dogs.
10.-If they are going to be kept as family pets, you should be willing to some effort into the relationship.

Important to know
Close up of Border Collie
To be really happy, they need a lot of leadership, a lot of exercise, and a job to keep them occupied.

They are herders, and will try to children and strangers. They have to be taught not to do so.

They can actually hypnotize cattle. They can control any kind of herd by crouching down and spellbinding the animals by staring at them.



Photos courtesy of:

Corrado Dearca

Training of Border Collies




June 5, 2010 by  
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Beautiful Sable Pom1.- Pomeranians can come in a variety of sizes. They can range from 2 to 30 pounds. The tiny sized dogs are the most popular, but since they are descendants of the German Spitz, sometimes  they jump back to their ancestry even when coming from small sized parents.
2.- They respond great to training, since they are super intelligent dogs that love to please their owners.
3.- They tend to bark a lot in response to any outside noise, so it's important to let them know that barking once or twice when the doorbell rings is okay, but then they should stop.
4.- It's very easy to spoil them since they are so cute and wonderful, but you should teach them to be independent so they don't start suffering from separation anxiety or become clingy.
5.- They are surprisingly low maintenance despite their beautiful coats. They do need brushing, but their fur doesn't normally tangle or get matted.
Tiny Pomeranian6.- You have probably seen Pomeranians with funky haircuts, like Mohawks or the famous "Bear Cut", however, keep in mind that once you cut or shave your Pom's fur, it will never grow back as soft and beautiful. So make sure that' s the look before you want for your dog before you take it to the groomer.
7.- Some Poms don't have as much undercoat as others, that's why not all of them are as fluffy.
8.- You can find them with the little round face called "the bear face" or with a more elongates snout called "the fox face". The fox face is the original, the bear face was developed for show as the breed shrunk.
9.- They come in so many different colors! White, black, brown, red, orange, cream, blue, sable, tan, merle, spotted, brindle, and every combination of these colors.
10.- They bond with their owners very quickly,  however, as is the case with other small dogs, they are not the best for very small children.

Important to know

One good thing to know about Poms, is that they always go through their "puppy uglies" phase. All of a sudden the gorgeous coat disappears and they look like ugly ducklings. Relax, this passes at about 9 months, and they the fur grows out in it's full splendour.

Photo of tiny Pomeranian courtesy of: Bluelight444