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Pembroke Welsh Corgis

May 9, 2011 by  
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1.- The Pembroke Welsh Corgi has a long body and stubby legs, which make him a very interesting and cute breed.

Yoda - Welsh Corgi

Yoda, relaxing at the park

2.- The Corgi is the smallest of the herding dogs. They nip at the heels of cows and then roll out of the way to avoid the kick.

3.- There are two breeds of Corgis: the Pembrokeshire, Wales, and the Cardigan Welsh. The Pembroke is born without a tail. The Cardigan has a long tail.

4.- Pembrokes like to eat!  They can gain weight easily if you feed them too much, and they need exercise. If they get fat, they can have serious back problems.

5.- Some interesting Pembroke Welsh Corgi information: They come in five colors: red , sable , fawn , red-headed tricolor and black-headed tricolor

6.- It is said that the Vikings brought the dogs with them as they traveled to reside in Wales.

7.- They are awesome performers in agility trials.

8.- They are very friendly dogs and are great at training. They need to be trained well so that they won't try to herd your family!

9.- Although they would rather live on a farm, they can adapt to different living situations, as long as they are provided with regular exercise.

10.- The coat is low maintenance, but it does need to be brushed often to avoid shedding.

Yoda - Welsh Corgi

Yoda (my favorite Corgi)

Important to know

They are very friendly and even shy sometimes, but they need to be socialized to avoid herding behavior, particularly with small children. If they are not properly trained, they might try to nip their ankles.

They need exercise and distraction, that's why they are so great at agility trials. Otherwise they can become bored, fat and destructive.

Warning:  you can get totally addicted to these dogs!


Every state has a Corgi Rescue. Consider rescuing before looking for a breeder.